The Countdown (completed)

The Countdown (completed)

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**Book One of the Countdown Series- -- Book two: Count on Me** 

Ten minutes left on the clock that was attached to my wrist as a baby. We're all given them, and while I'm not entirely sure how they work, they've yet to be wrong. Some people never get to meet their soul mates, their other half dies before they get the chance. When this happens your clock stops, and while it never falls off your wrist, it never continues the countdown either. 

We're not allowed to date anyone who isn't our soulmate, it's a rule. And once you've touched your soulmate for the first time, a small mark that is unique to your relationship appears on your wrist, a mark that binds you to that person forever. 

Nine minutes left until I meet the person I'm destined to be with forever...

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GabrielsHiddenHeart GabrielsHiddenHeart May 31, 2016
I was so confused. I found Count on Me first and didn't understand what was going on. Now I realize that it is the second book
uuuuume9909 uuuuume9909 Sep 24, 2015
definitely sounds like it's gonna be great hopefully she'll give you the green light soon
AnnaIsali AnnaIsali Aug 31, 2015
Is it bad that I started singing "It's the final countdown..."
PacificLove10 PacificLove10 Aug 30, 2015
I'm so excited to read this!!! It sounds like an absolutely awesome storyline :D
Academylove Academylove Aug 28, 2015
Cool!  I'll wait for Jennifer to say go.  Or I'll just go to her page and harass her to let you start.
ClickingKeyboards ClickingKeyboards Aug 28, 2015
-Grins- imagine the person has a really squeaky voice but is really buff.