Ember. | #1 Axis Series

Ember. | #1 Axis Series

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Paige Carlin By _ChunkyMonkey_ Updated Sep 07

When Ember Holbrook is convinced by her mother to go on a blind date, she doesn't expect to see Troy Lancaster. The mysterious god is the priority of every magazine, teasing them with gala appearances and new business developments.

Until Ember comes along. 

Troy leads her into the world of money, fame, and sex, which is a world she has never known. She shines her light on him. She makes him see what happiness is. So, what will happen when Troy wants more from Ember?

* * *

Meeting Ember Holbrook was like a breath of fresh air.

She may not have been what I was expecting, but she blew me away. She left me wanting more. She had me wrapped around her finger, but who was I to stop her?

She was mine.

But I'm a major bookworm and I'm actually quite popular at school. I don't know but in my school if ur smart ur actually popular
i like the altering povs.. refreshing to read the guys pov 2 & im diggin the book so far
Usually I'd hate the arrogance but for some reason I'm kind of digging it lol
Love her omg! I would've walked right out of there too! No ones gonna waste my time.
Love when I see my height!! Everyone is always 5'7-5'10 in books