Abused by Blood

Abused by Blood

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She goes to school covered in bruises. "I'm just clumsy." she promises. No one asks questions. Her boyfriend, doesn't quite believe her, but there is nothing much he can do. Everyday she is scared to walk through her front door. She is scared to even look her brother in the eye.

This has been going on for years, ever since their parents died. And her brother has been taking it all out on her. But she is tired of this. She is tired of crying herself to sleep at night. She is tired of waking up with sore muscles, and aching bones. She is tired of being pounded on for her parents death, though it wasn't even her fault.

She does speak up. She ends up wishing she didn't.
Hello! This was my first story on Wattpad and it's a piece of crap so, yeah. It's not written very well, in the beginning, but the ending is good, so I won't take it down, but thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy!

There is a sequel!
Cover by @nerdy_jags

Reasons I'm reading your book: 
                              1) It looks enjoyable.👌👍
                              2) I don't like to judge a book by it's cover.📚🤓
                              3) Tell you that your username and the book's title don't match. 😕🤐
BTaeSTrash BTaeSTrash Oct 10, 2016
Actually a character who resembles me (blue eyes dark hair) although i have pale ass skin that my mom calls me a ginger without the red hair or eyebrows.
lady_fairytail lady_fairytail Dec 24, 2016
Boys, listen well. I've read a lot of stuff and very often the more favored or attractive guys in these books, often written by girls, are in trucks. You don't need a sports car, but a truck.
bandlover_forever bandlover_forever Aug 31, 2015
yaass, that is the best moment when a teacher says that! haha
bandlover_forever bandlover_forever Aug 28, 2015
omg this sounds really interesting already! cant wait for more!