Bottom Harry Styles One Shots

Bottom Harry Styles One Shots

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BADGAL By fcukgirl Updated Jun 07

Harry snuffles into his pillow as Zayn shifts beside him, the soft yellow light of midmorning slipping under the curtains and curling around them, rousing them into wakefulness. Zayn rolls onto his stomach, slipping an arm around Harry's waist and nuzzling into his neck, kissing his sleepy-warm skin. 

Harry sighs and lets Zayn's hair tickle his chin, breathing in the scent of him and basking in the warmth of their bed and shared body heat. He curls an arm around Zayn's neck, eyes still closed. He can feel Zayn's eyelashes flutter against his skin and his fingers drawing pointless patterns over the bump of his hipbone. 

Zayn sighs, and he's still half asleep, his eyes are unwilling to open but Harry is so soft and cuddly in the morning and warm and pliant. Sleepy Harry is one of Zayn's favorite things in the world. Harry makes his little snuffling sound again, the one he makes when he's tired and dazed and warm, and its so cute that Zayn almost opens his eyes and kisses him. Almost. 

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