Bullied (A Merome Fanfic) [Completed]

Bullied (A Merome Fanfic) [Completed]

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Jessica By Fangirl_foreves Completed

Imagine being bullied.
By the one you thought loved you.

Now imagine falling in love with a guy, again.
He claims that he loves you. Do you belive him?

Is it true? My name is Mitchell Hughes and here's my story.

There is such a thing as a thick American accent? "Hello, I would like 40 cheezbergers. And a coke. To wash it down"
                              *pulls out calculator* 
                              Im afraid this doesn't add up
Aww come on my preston bae is a bully this might be one of the only times i say  "FUUUCCCCCKKKKKK  YYYYYYYYYYYOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUU PRESTON
Preston the bully 
                              *Checks every source I can*
                              Doesn't say anything about Preston being a bully
I don't want to be that person, but you misspelled Hell.......
Preston you've betrayed us! You fiend! How dare you hurt our Mitchy even though in some stories he's kinda a b|tchy