Bullied (A Merome Fanfic) [Completed]

Bullied (A Merome Fanfic) [Completed]

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Jessica By Fangirl_foreves Completed

Imagine being bullied.
By the one you thought loved you.

Now imagine falling in love with a guy, again.
He claims that he loves you. Do you belive him?

Is it true? My name is Mitchell Hughes and here's my story.

Not_What_You_Think Not_What_You_Think Nov 20, 2016
There is such a thing as a thick American accent? "Hello, I would like 40 cheezbergers. And a coke. To wash it down"
DiamondGurl580 DiamondGurl580 Apr 04, 2016
                              *pulls out calculator* 
                              Im afraid this doesn't add up
Behzyboo Behzyboo May 31, 2016
Aww come on my preston bae is a bully this might be one of the only times i say  "FUUUCCCCCKKKKKK  YYYYYYYYYYYOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUU PRESTON
TheEvilOne1678 TheEvilOne1678 Nov 08, 2016
Preston the bully 
                              *Checks every source I can*
                              Doesn't say anything about Preston being a bully
magicuniclaws magicuniclaws Jun 27, 2016
I don't want to be that person, but you misspelled Hell.......
cookiegirl228 cookiegirl228 Mar 21, 2016
Preston you've betrayed us! You fiend! How dare you hurt our Mitchy even though in some stories he's kinda a b|tchy