The Odd One Out ~A Daryl Dixon X Reader~

The Odd One Out ~A Daryl Dixon X Reader~

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The world has come to an end. Zombies roam the earth and every day is a challenge of survival of the fittest.

You are a part of a group who has managed to stay alive for quite a a while.

Your group includes;
Carl Grimes
Rick Grimes
Daryl Dixon

The world is ending and everyone is dying. Can you be the lucky, odd ones out?


This is not from a specific season, and the characters are pick and choose.
Some may die.

Thank you :3

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1. Blackish brown but imma say blue because I want blue hair
                              2. Why did I use a gun if it was only one? I'm a freaking dingus
LS-Lukas LS-Lukas Mar 26
                              You gotta call them walkers, you cant use the Z word.
Technically that can happen there's only a thin sheet of mucus protecting the stomach and if you get to an extreme state of  malnutrition the sheet of Lucas could break and the stomach could digest itself, Fun!
Once a wise man said "It gets worse" maybe it was just shane Dawson but eh wtf
_teewrites_ _teewrites_ Sep 25
I have shaved sides and a few inches on top, Maybe I put my bright pink tufts into a 2 inch pony tail and it reached up top for it lol
Angels96 Angels96 Jun 20
Negan could show up...,..      Then it definitely be worse (¬_¬)ノ