Black Pearl [B.A.P Fanfiction]

Black Pearl [B.A.P Fanfiction]

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Airi By k-ajima Completed

There's only one thing Captain Bang wants, and that is to get revenge on the very species that ruined his life. To achieve this he needs the Governor's son, who has been hiding from him long enough.

As the Governor's only child Zelo lives as a female maid to hide from the pirates but even he can't avoid the black sails.

Completed: August 5th, 2015 - February 27th, 2016



*will contain sexual assault, abuse and rape*

  • angst
  • banglo
  • daejae
  • mpreg
  • pirates
  • yongguk
  • zelo
Xiuoff Xiuoff Aug 17, 2016
Me: *comes out of ocean making ungodly noises*
                              Boat passes
                              Captain: OH GOD WHAT DAFUQ IS THAT
Hory-shiteu Hory-shiteu Feb 12, 2017
....I need a life-_- I've read this book 4 times. Kill me now
decaf_cama decaf_cama Jan 22, 2016
Oh I can tell, this ff will be my favorite banglo ff ever~
                              And I love how you write it beautifully
- - Sep 30, 2015
Why didn't I find this awesome story first?!
                              Now,in the middle of my exam time I'll spare time to read this *faceplam* I'll love it at the same time I will be obsessed with it.
ParagonDeLurid ParagonDeLurid Sep 30, 2015
Okay, I'd like to mention that, already, I am sooooo in love with this plot. It's amazing, and I love your writing style ^^
ParagonDeLurid ParagonDeLurid Sep 30, 2015
Excuse me,
                              *spassing because Himchan and Jongup are mentioned in the same sentence*
                              *breaths deep*
                              Okay, I'm good~