TRUMPED By His Love - A Hilary Clinton Fanfic

TRUMPED By His Love - A Hilary Clinton Fanfic

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ddlxvato By ddlxvato Updated Jul 21, 2016

This sexy, dangerous tale goes into the political scandal of the century- Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump's forbidden love affair. Both are married, potential presidents running for different parties. But, opposites attract, right?


"Donald, I wish I could be your First Lady."

"Hilary, you'll always be first in my heart, baby."

clementine987 clementine987 Nov 09, 2016
I came here because of jacksfilms... He mentioned Hillary and Trump fanfiction in his latest YIAY and I found this XD
Darkmoon1236 Darkmoon1236 Oct 22, 2016
He keeps breaking vases, he's gonna have to join a host club
Ava_5_writer_ Ava_5_writer_ Nov 25, 2016
Wtf I literally just Wtf I read the story thing description and, well Wtf
TheresWaldo TheresWaldo Dec 13, 2016
Here I go again with another piece of scarring material. It's my fault though
kristaljuice kristaljuice Dec 12, 2016
NO REGARTS *clicks next part button* I IMMEDIATELY REGART THIS! : D
Avrilyn-Madison Avrilyn-Madison Nov 25, 2016
🎶Mums spaghetti, never forgetti, arms are heavy, mums spaghetti...🎶