Bliss (BoyxBoy)

Bliss (BoyxBoy)

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Tristan has a secret; he's gay. But he's afraid to tell his mother and step-dad for fear of being rejected. 

After moving to a new city, he meets Shane, a pansexual Goth boy who befriends him...and who possesses strange and amazing powers.  Tristan finds himself falling for Shane, and he meets Henri, an ally who is willing to help him come to terms with himself. Things are looking bright for Tristan.

But not all is well. People are going missing.....

And Tristan fears he might be next.

Approximately 14k words

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{I wrote this story to challenge myself to finish something for wattpad within a time frame so the writing isn't amazing, so I have decided to revise my story to make it the best it can be! Exact same storyline, just better writing. I'm planning on uploading the edited chapters soon. }

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Andy_the_Alien Andy_the_Alien Jul 21, 2017
I told my mom when she was pissing... I knew she'd be okay with it because she was with a woman before my dad. My twin sister told my dad because she was mad at me for not telling her.
Drakensklaw Drakensklaw Feb 04
Nooo, it's the worst spot ever! Parents always check it first if they think you're hiding something!!
Um can someone clearly what that means. Because I thought it .fans you don't care weather it's boy or girl does that mean your now attracted to one until you fall in love or...
ishouldbeasleeptbh ishouldbeasleeptbh Feb 25, 2016
Same tbh.
                              My local library has a lgbt+ section and I'm in live
ishouldbeasleeptbh ishouldbeasleeptbh Feb 25, 2016
I need something new, and this sounded good.
                              So here we go again
ishouldbeasleeptbh ishouldbeasleeptbh Feb 25, 2016
I sometimes eat dinner at midnight... 
                              I thought it was normal 😂