Diabolik Lovers : Yui And Yuri

Diabolik Lovers : Yui And Yuri

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Queen Potato sticks By DeepOcean123 Updated Oct 16

"I thought vampires only liked pretty girls, like Yui..." She said.

What happens when Yui steps out of her room, like any other ordinary day, but discovers that the wire-less phone rings?

The guest is apparently... You! The Sister,
Komori Yuri. Will a cute, kawaii girl like you face truly, evil and mean vampires? Or something else....?


Oh thanks! I've been meaning to Search that word for a while now, but I just had no time! Thanks again!
With regular people:
                              Person #1: Hey, are you thirsty??
                              Person #2: Yeah...*gets a glass of water*
                              With Laito:
                              Person #1: Hey, are you thirsty???
                              Laito: Yeah~! ^^
                              Person #1: *backs up slowly* Okeh den.... ⊙_⊙
If I may interrupt this family reunion no you cannot interrupt this family reunion go away
DeepOcean123 DeepOcean123 Sep 19, 2015
Are you referring to this story or The other one...? 0-0 
                              P.s this is not Yuri as in lesbian >\\<. Yuri is the name of the younger sister