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Mintyhippo95 By Mintyhippo95 Updated Jun 16, 2016

Elsa's parents were the greatest spies in the world, and owned a spy agency. From the time Elsa could walk she was trained to become a spy. After her parents were killed by a man named Pitch Black, Elsa grew up too fast so she could be there for her sister. She retired not wanting her and her sister to have any part of that agency, and was labeled R.E.D.
Jack Frost was found on the street and taken in by Manny Moon, the head of D.D Spy Agency. He grew up being trained to become a spy, and became the best spy at the agency. He is the leader of his group called the Big 4, which is a specialized group for people with powers. Together they have been trying to stop and ultimately take down Pitch Black, but he is always one step ahead of him. When Manny comes and tells them Pitch is looking for a new secret weapon, they are shocked. Even more shocked to find out that weapon is a person, and ex-agent actually. They are supposed to protect this person with their lives if necessary and recruit them.
Issue is this person doesn't want to be recruited, and is much more special that the eyes can see. This person may be retired, but she is extremely dangerous.

Jelsa2619 Jelsa2619 Jul 22, 2016
They say, 'never judge a book by it's cover'. Well, I just did knowing it will be good. Now I'm thinkin',
                              THANK YOU AUTHOR FOR PROVING ME RIGHT!!!
                              There are three things I usually look for in a book. You've got them all.
Geeky_Greek_Girl Geeky_Greek_Girl Apr 16, 2016
*kneels In front of shattered glass sobbing* you.... YOU BROKE IT. MY PoOr BaBY NoOo NoT thE FoUrtH waLL. TakE The ThiRd
Wolf_Bae16 Wolf_Bae16 Jun 03, 2016
Insead of retired extremely dangerous it should be retired extremely deadly
Books4Life_1302 Books4Life_1302 Aug 15, 2016
This book is so cool! I love all of it! The best book I've read so far on here
Frozen_iceLotus Frozen_iceLotus Jan 17, 2016
Hmmm.... Did u watch R.E.D. the movie, if u were.... Well..... its so cool and somehow funny at the sometime... Hahaha... But seriously nice job, i like this story.. (^_^)/
Clawstropawbic Clawstropawbic Jan 17, 2016
Meh ish re-reading this while studying for mah exam tomorrow~
                              I seriously loved this story XD