Enslaved (A Valiant Novel)

Enslaved (A Valiant Novel)

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Jascini is an Amosci, the race that's the lowest class in the city-world of Izzai. Her and her family live in work-camps, but her father might soon be kicked out to become a slave. Her family is kidnapped and used as leverage against her, while she is taken to the palace and kept close to the King and Queen. She will have learn the life of the royals, to play a game she doesn't understand. A game of Dagonar'ei politics, all the while lying to everyone about who she really is. The palace, a place of luxury and extravagance, becomes her prison.

Unbeknownst to Jascini, seven heroes are in another world, working together to try to find those who can help them stop the darkness from consuming everything. How will Jascini's fate intertwine with theirs?
Together, all of these heroes will become pawns in a game of darkness. 

One that will consume more than one world, and everyone in between.

  • extravagance
  • game
  • kidnapped
  • king
  • leverage
  • luxury
  • magic
  • politics
  • prince
  • prison
  • queen
  • royalty
  • slave
Ranger_of_the_North Ranger_of_the_North Nov 26, 2016
Oo, this has amazing imagery! I can picture the scene you paint perfectly! :D <3
Spanner339 Spanner339 Oct 11, 2016
This looks like a really promising story! I'm looking forward to reading it now. :D
I loved reading all three books. With all the twist and turns the highs and lows and all the funny and serious bits as well. 
                              Now just waiting to read the fourth chapter in the series. Keep you rhe awsome work.
CCWinters CCWinters Dec 04, 2015
So excited to start this book! Although maybe I shouldn't be... You'll probably destroy me by making everyone who is awesome end up DEAD!
Soul_Hunter Soul_Hunter Aug 29, 2015
*dances for 12 hours straight because there's another valiant book out*
sarsar14 sarsar14 Aug 27, 2015
Great start! Really short! Ah, you torture me with these books. It's so short... :/