Enemy Queen [2]

Enemy Queen [2]

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a.l.l.i.e. By FifthAngeI Completed

"Give it up already. Nobody wants you. Go back, then I can go off on my own again." Troy told me without feeling. He looked at me like I was an unwanted stranger.

I then realized my true feelings. I would always come back to him.

"Do you. . . really not want me here?" My voice was competing with the wind and it sounded weak even to me.

"Is there another reason you're here?" He just stared at me, with his mouth in a straight line.

"I. . ." I only wanted to stay with you.


"It doesn't matter what I say. You'll only-" I felt tears prick my eyes and I blinked them away before he could see. "Do what you want! I don't care anymore!" I shouted and shoved passed him.

No matter where I went, I was always sent away.

Troy didn't let up as he caught my wrist and tried to hold me still.

"Let go!" I commanded. He only gripped my wrist tighter and I tried to land a blow on his stupid face.

"I hate you, I hate you, I hate-"

My eyes widened to their full extent as Troy pressed his lips to mine.

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cj_parres cj_parres Jan 28
there’s 400 students in my class but altogether in the high school it’s like 2000
Davs_Davs_ Davs_Davs_ Apr 14
WolfSoulz WolfSoulz Jan 09
My old elementary had over 500 the last yesr i was there and My new school, Medicine Crow Middle School has around 1,000
I was really confused for a second then I have a realization
I read the book like last year and I forgot who Alex was. Who's Alex? 😂😂😂😂
MintShiro MintShiro Feb 04
Guys. It starts with a f and ends with a uck.