Reign- Book IV

Reign- Book IV

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E.I. By elizabethiscaro Updated Feb 24, 2018

When she was only a little girl, Alessandra Manfredini was forced into lessons that claimed to make her a "proper lady" in the future, and so that she'd marry well into becoming a heiress.

She had always wondered what a bit of freedom was like....since she was always locked up in a room all day. She could've called herself rapunzel. 

But what she did not know when she was young, was that she was destined to meet a tall, fair man, who seemed as if he were polite and good....

But things take a dark turn when she is forced to wed into Giovanni's name. 

She finds herself married too young, at an age of only twenty-one. She thought it would be a fairytale marriage, but she soon learns what Giovanni is really like, under the fair presence that radiates off of his charismatic attitude. 

And to only make matters worse, he works upon her father's business in the dirty underworld of the Mafia.

This is her story, and it's a collection of events from her life- from what she's been told, to her own recollections.