Bad Cupid (Being Re-Vamped)

Bad Cupid (Being Re-Vamped)

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Mahrs Bars is Queen By AdorreJess Updated Aug 27, 2013

"Are you serious? You have to be lying. This can't be real. I'm dreaming aren't I? You're- you-you're him? And we're?" She stammered.

"Yes, no, yes to the last two questions. Everything I said was true. The real question is whether or not you can except that?" I asked.


 Kora Griffin: She's well known to most people and well liked around school. She's nice, caring, sarcastic and stubborn. What's she's mostly known for is the fact that she's had her heart broken too many times and so many unfaithful men in her life. This has caused her to build up so many walls to protect her now darkened heart. She's done with trying to hard in a relationship where the guy only wants one thing and decides that a party, to start over, and asking Cupid for some help would be an amazing idea.


 Jonah Ion: The bad boy of the school. He's arrogant, rude, sarcastic, and selfish sometimes. But he has his moments when he's super sweet and caring. He doesn't really let people into his life because he spends his time training to be Cupid by helping people fix their love lives. Yup you guessed it he's Cupid's Assistant.

 Well he's soon to be Cupid he just needs to find his mate to be given the position. Problem is he doesn't want a mate he doesn't even want to be Cupid. But what happens when he finds his mate? Will they get on just fine? Or will there be a lot of rough patches?

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