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My love is following you

My love is following you

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musicreader12 By musicreader12 Updated Aug 02, 2016

Alain's P.O.V
I'm with Marin in this dark I can't see a thing.
"Charizard can you give us some light?" I asked.
Charizard nodded and his tale had more fire than before.
"Thanks" I smiled, I hope everyone at the lab is alright, I left everything, the professor, my friends, my family, and her...
I suddenly clinched my fists so tight that Marin noticed.
"Hey why are you thinking so hard and why do you have a mad expression?" Marin asked.
"Oh-uh I'm mad cuz I haven't got a Pokemon battle yet." I lied.
"Don't worry when we get to the Pokemon center you will find lots of trainers with mega evolution so you can battle them there!" Marin said. 
Thanks...that helped ALOT! 
Her beautiful (E/C) eyes and her (H/L) (H/C), I kept thinking about her and her eye smile (yes you have an eye smile), but I left so suddenly I don't know how she feels now and more importantly her expression was she sad? Did she cry? All these thoughts kept going through my head!, that I suddenly stopped walking...

_DeliriousWaffle_ _DeliriousWaffle_ Jan 25, 2016
Omg that scene before he goes to get some air reminds me of the Mega Evolution Special where (~SPOILER~) He looks like he's about to murder whoever hurt Chespie after his battle! It took me a couple days to calm my fangirlingness down to a save level lol.