All I Need Is Love >> Lirry/Narry/Mpreg

All I Need Is Love >> Lirry/Narry/Mpreg

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💊SLEEPING PILLS💊 By Mama_Hazza Updated Jan 02

Harry Styles is very bubbly.
He smiles a lot. But behind that smile is a fragile soul crying for help without realizing.

Harry lives with his abusive boyfriend, Liam Payne.
Liam hurts him so much but Harry is so in love with him that he doesn't even think about leaving him.

 However Liam's best friend, Niall Horan thinks that Harry deserves better.

The more Liam hurts Harry, the more Niall falls in love with Harry. Will Harry leave Liam for Niall or will he stay with Liam?

✔Domestic Violence



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Awwwwwwwwh, my poor little puppy! See this is what happens when you are deprived of your daily dose of Zayn
Why Harold, why? (i feel bad should i still root for Lima Bean?)
Yagirl_LilyHoran Yagirl_LilyHoran Dec 30, 2016
lam, harry was straight up holding grocery bags/ like, wadafaaaa
larrysweetcum larrysweetcum Aug 29, 2016
Bottom!Harry is my reason to live 😭😭😭😭💙💚☺
Little_Me05 Little_Me05 Sep 25, 2015 you really think I need to write a feminist anthem? I'm happy cooking dinner in the kitchen for my husband.
Little_Me05 Little_Me05 Sep 25, 2015
Harry, don't stand for that. Take a knîfe and cut off his dïck.