21 Days in the Philippines

21 Days in the Philippines

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Geraldine Fernandez By dinnybels Completed

"I love him, I love Brylle. And if there's anyone else I should marry, it's Brylle. He's always been there for me. Well--it wasn't that obvious, but I can feel it and I barely even know you."

Kaitlin's wedding is in a month and she can't let her Hollywood boyfriend, Brylle, know that she's been fired from VIP magazine, where Brylle has always dreamed of being a cover. Could her new job at Reflections cover up her lies?

Unbeknownst to her, she's going to spend 21 days in the Philippines with the boss of the bosses, Mr. Alex Carter, also one of the legitimate bachelors in the world, not to mention the jerkest of the jerks.

Could she finally stop lying to herself? Could they both realize that they are perfectly made for each other in 21 days? And who's the creepy stalker texting and calling Kaitlin that she started to acknowledge as a friend?

Don't die curious.

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storiesbyfangirl storiesbyfangirl Nov 02, 2016
Hey guys! Please read the first story that I made "Ang boyfriend kong DRUG DEALER" thank you!💋
ashxen_ ashxen_ Jun 04, 2016
When I saw the name of the book, I was curious to see what it had in store because it had the name of my home country!
schelliu schelliu May 10, 2015
We all have a best friend like Cara, and though we love to hate her sometimes,  they make our  (love)life even more colorful. Kudos! I'm getting started and adding this to my reading list.
dinnybels dinnybels Apr 15, 2013
@DreamToParis I know, right? Insensitive that Kaitlin's there.
fiftycents fiftycents Apr 13, 2013
Uggh! I hate Brylle. He's such a jerk. He doesn't even notice that he's flirting with the receptionist!
dinnybels dinnybels Mar 30, 2013
@Kekesi94 hahaha you get the picture! =D you're such an awesome reader =D