A Geisha's Love

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A young and naive painter's perspective of a geisha's subtle art of seduction.
Can you explain the ending? Does he have dark intentions? I'm just a bit confused. Great read though.
absolutely amazing. i am in love with this story. you are a great author. your wording and style really suit my taste
how beautiful... i am astonished by the gentleness of this piece!
Beautifully written, and a great window into the lives of two people whose interactions might have been very different under other circumstances. Nicely done.
                                    I don't think Tomoyo or Hinata can act like this. Aaah, it'll ruin their image in my mind.
                                    But it's different if the woman is Sayuri or Hatsumomo, or even Pumpkin. They're Geishas after all. They're trained to be ones :D
                                    Anyway, is the painter one of the geisha's customer?
This was really beautiful and easy to picture. :) I loved your descriptions on everything. Everything was beautiful, and I loved the ending.