Lions heart (BxB) On Hold.

Lions heart (BxB) On Hold.

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Julian c; By -SicklySweet- Updated Apr 17

we were born
created to bring balance.

our only weakness
is our, Heart.
our heart is our mate. if they die we die.
we are protected under government laws. 
we are not to be hunted or used for research.
we are hunters , beasts , killers and we have prey.

This is the story of Grayson Lion.

f i say damn my mom will yell at me, but she can barely go ten minutes without saying the "s" word.
FaZeJaidence FaZeJaidence an hour ago
I’ve read so many mate books this past week, honestly if my future bf or gf doesn’t say this to me I’m not gonna say yes
Otakufreek Otakufreek Jan 03
I'm grinning like a kid in a candy store!!! I knew that he's Grayson's heart!!!!
loadingslow loadingslow Oct 20, 2016
I asked my grandma if I can get a black lion and she said no 😢😢😢 so mean
DjAngelwolf DjAngelwolf Jan 12
ooo Black lions are the rarest even albino's are more common
-SicklySweet- -SicklySweet- Sep 20, 2015
Updates on this book are in the works will have one soon sorry about the wait.