Genie || Kim Taehyung

Genie || Kim Taehyung

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"I'm just a floating puff of smoke from Jupiter."

(Genie ~ First Book in the Genie Trilogy)

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wthkth wthkth Aug 15
istg if I get a boyfriend my mom would skin me alive #asianparents
guccimaniac guccimaniac May 30
If Jimin is my boyfriend, my mom would wake me up from my sleep
Don't let me go by SHINee or Camisado by Panic! At the Disco
kimnjoon kimnjoon Feb 20
Soweoneul Malhae Bwa! ....Sorry..I had to 😂..Sone passing through:)
yo. i think she likes jimin. and jimin is cheating on this girl with minah. idk man.
lostboytae lostboytae Nov 13, 2016
uhh... I'm 19 and I still haven't been kissed... i live a sad life.... but i mean what's the rush?