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Lonely_Cloud_ By klaudsuper Updated Oct 23, 2016

She was walking through her highschool corridors, holding her books tightly to her chest ignoring every insult thrown at her. The petite female went to take another step, when she tumbles to the floor her books scattering. Laughter filled the hallways, enchanting her already horrible self-esteem. 

Biting her bottom lip, she began to pick up her books silently; trying to ignore the numerous remarks. Bodies surrounded her, all wearing high heels. Her brown eyes finally gave in and looked up, the cheerleaders surrounded her.

The fear escalated inside her stomach, but she kept her face free of emoctions as she stared forward. Silently praying they would just go, of course they didn't. 

"Big brother isn't here to save you this time, is he?"

She didn't reply, but began looking for her brother. She spotted him standing next to his group of friends, laughing and being the troublemakers  they  always were. She knew there was no use in trying to get his attention, for he'd be to late. The first kick landed next to her ribcage, causing her to whimper silently. One of her brother's friends instantly began to glance around, his eyes finally landing upon hers.

His eyes were light and kind , sending her spiraling into a new world. She no longer felt the pain from the kicks, only the butterflies entering her whole body as she stared into his eyes.

She forced herself to look away first, a blush rushing upon her cheeks.

"No" she told herself, "I won't fall in love."

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