fade ➹ (Stiles Stilinski)

fade ➹ (Stiles Stilinski)

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----Season 1 of Teen Wolf----

(Do not need to watch the series to understand) 

      Melanie, Stiles, and Scott. The ideal trio, constantly getting themselves into an endless spiral of repetitive mischief. The three having no clue as to what they are capable of getting their hands on. 

      Late one night, Stiles' curiosity gets the absolute best of him. For, he winds up dragging his two best friends out into the deep depths of the woods. In search of a mysterious dead body. Let me clarify, half of a dead body.

One thing leads to another and Scott suddenly gains suspicious symptoms, after supposedly getting bitten by a wolf. Stiles claiming that it could only be one thing. Scott's a werewolf.

(Yes this is a Stiles Stilinski Fan Fiction.)

(1st Person.)

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amypannu amypannu Aug 03, 2017
And all the people who died from it. "Oh they are only dead bodies"
mellowmila mellowmila Nov 04, 2017
5’6-5’7 ish and size 9 shoe. i swear every wattpad girl is short af
Biles_Baelinski Biles_Baelinski Dec 26, 2017
Don't lie, this is a stiles fanfic it's obvious you two are gonna date
- - Mar 12, 2017
I WANNA SEE WHAT GREENBERG LOOKS LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tealkg tealkg Oct 14, 2017
UGH THANK YOU SO MUCH I’m 5 ft. tall and I wear 4-5 size in shoes; this makes me soooooo happyyyy
She was welcomed until the Oni stabbed her with their sword.