fade ➹ (Stiles Stilinski)

fade ➹ (Stiles Stilinski)

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----Season 1 of Teen Wolf----

(Do not need to watch the series to understand) 

      Melanie, Stiles, and Scott. The ideal trio, constantly getting themselves into an endless spiral of repetitive mischief. The three having no clue as to what they are capable of getting their hands on. 

      Late one night, Stiles' curiosity gets the absolute best of him. For, he winds up dragging his two best friends out into the deep depths of the woods. In search of a mysterious dead body. Let me clarify, half of a dead body.

One thing leads to another and Scott suddenly gains suspicious symptoms, after supposedly getting bitten by a wolf. Stiles claiming that it could only be one thing. Scott's a werewolf.

(Yes this is a Stiles Stilinski Fan Fiction.)

(1st Person.)

amypannu amypannu Aug 03
And all the people who died from it. "Oh they are only dead bodies"
- - Mar 12
I WANNA SEE WHAT GREENBERG LOOKS LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jewels215 jewels215 Jun 12
I'm loving this already. Just thinking about how descriptive their love is gonna be 👏🏾
It's funny, cause Scott didn't act like it really hurt, then again adrenaline
candy05250 candy05250 Nov 21, 2016
It was the vicious fangirls in theyre natural habitat they usually hunt in packs and at night fighting off other fandoms for territory
- - Oct 15, 2016
Honestly, I've never seen a Wattpad character that so closely resembles me. All the girls at my school wear makeup and fancy clothes. I wear a cheap $7 shirt and a pair of jeans. Also probably frizzy Hagrid hair too.