Remember Me? (Captain America love story)

Remember Me? (Captain America love story)

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"I watched as the world turned. Life went on, of course...but I'm not sure how much of it I lived through. I had nothing left to live for anyway." 

(Book one) I love to remember when it was just the three of us, Bucky, Steve and I. We were best friends and inseparable. I hate remembering the pain of the war and the isolation that it caused me. I never regretted and never will, my decision to become the next super soldier. I do regret never telling him because by then it was to late. Now that he is awake will he Remember Me? 

Anna Smith enrolled in the army. She was best friends with Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers. She left them to follow a dream to become an agent. But when both died, she became the next super soldier. Now that she finds out Steve is awake she wonders if he will remember her. Next to that not only does she run SHIELD, she has to deal with the attack on New York too.  

I do not own any of the Marvel characters. I did go along with some of the movies. I do have my own characters in the story.

2nd Book- Don't Forget Me
3rd Book- Don't Lose Sight Of Me

MY LAST NAME IS SMITH, HA HA HA, SMITH FOR THE WIN... sorry, I got a bit excited!😂
for me it's a tie between Cap And Thor... :T #IDKwhatmylifeisanymore
Your training will begin May 5th, May the force be with you.
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Sorry but am I the only one who suddenly said "That you have been accepted at Hogwarts school for witchcraft and wizardry" or is that just me?
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The thing with the eyebrows is called furrowing. "He furrowed his eyebrows," or "he furrowed his brow,"