Taywin the Lioness

Taywin the Lioness

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Samantha Davis By Vaajltirqa Updated Oct 24, 2015

Looking down to the small child I had given life to, her golden hair already thick and beautiful. But I had not seen her eyes yet. I was crazed, wild by now. I needed to know.

Just then her long blonde eyelashes gave way to reveal a gorgeous set of eyes I ever saw. Sparkling green were a with thousands of gold flecks dancing in her iris. They were his eyes. Jamie's eyes. She wasn't Robert's, thank the Mother.

But, a princess needed a name, she needed something that would be remembered for the ages. She needed something almost poetic, something of a song and ravishing beauty, I smiled," I shall name you Taywin, princess Taywin. After your grandfather and your Father."

I had said the last part almost to a whisper, just so only my little Taywin could hear me. She was mine and Jamie's. Robert would never have her, no one will.

She could become the Queen, the Queen of the Iron Throne. Queen of men, Queen Taywin.

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