Who Knew (Sky Media x reader)

Who Knew (Sky Media x reader)

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As Nerdy As It Needs To Be By nerdy_writer_56 Completed

Who Knew... that one view could turn into one hundred, that one hundred could turn into one thousand, that one thousand could turn into a million... well I obviously didn't.

Who Knew that I, a 20 year old, female, who posted a stupid video, could get the attention of my all time idols? Again, I certainly didn't but I guess, life can be one heck of a ride.

But who knew I would happen to be riding with Sky, Ross, Jin, and Barney? I didn't know...

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credit goes out to the pictures I used for the story!

thanks a bunch for reading and hope you enjoy!

I would scream so loud the neighbors would think I'm getting raped or something
Btw this ain't about the story but your character icon is so.kawaii, wait. Rossome!!! Great work too
If I could do that when I'm drunk, what could I do when I'm sober?!
Yea I can do this in my sleep (protalk when you know you suck at a certain thing but you try to make yourself look cool but fail) lol
Dj_FanFics Dj_FanFics Jun 30
It's hard to focus when Girlfriend my Avril Lavigine is playing 😂
SkylarTG420 SkylarTG420 Mar 09
I don't know what you mean by awesome but in our country of  YouTube it's pronounced Rossome