5H conversations

5H conversations

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:~) By degaspark Updated May 14, 2016

Dinah Jane created the group

Dinah: hey losers

Lauren: Tf is this

Dinah: a group chat obv !! 

Mani: We r in the same building???? 

Camila: lol

Lauren: Camzzzzzi

Camila: hi bby

Dinah: ew

Mani: ew

Ally: ew

Lauren: Single people be like .... 

Camila: haha

Dinah: oh yeah I forgot walz isnt single now she dating mah homie shawn

Ally: Dinah..... 

Mani: woops there it is. 

Camila: dinah r u srs

Ally: Omg

Camila: lern??????? 

Mani: dun dun dun dunnnnn

Camila: me n shawn arent dating dang flabbit jfjwhduishdhhdud 

Lauren: Its whatever 

Mani: ........ Oh shiiiii

_KayParrilla _KayParrilla Feb 28, 2016
I like how she starts every chat in these kinds of books. Aye Aye Captain!
societysucks03 societysucks03 Aug 21, 2016
dang flabbit that hannah montana reference tho ahh how i miss that show and miley's dad's saying
oh hell no i havent even read tat and i cri just at the plot
NormaniKH NormaniKH Jan 10, 2016
Awe this sounds a little like us to don't forget to follow us @OfficialDinahJane @OfficialKarlaCabello my other account @NormaniHamilton and @LaurenMJauruegui and @OfficalAllyBrooke and the group one @TheRealFifthHarmony