Sonic Boys x Reader

Sonic Boys x Reader

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You were walking in a nearby forest, listening to your music when suddenly a gaint robot jumped infront of you. You knew self defense because of both of your parents. You pulled out your(t/o/w) and got ready to fight. Until a blue blur circled around the robot and distroyed it, then out of nowhere you heard a voice.

'Wow eggman sure knows how to get on my nerves, are you alright miss?'
'Yeah I'm fine'

you turned around to see a human like blue hedgehog. You also reconised him.

'Hey, aren't you Sonic the Hedgehog?!'
Yeah I am and what's your name?'
'I'm (y/n)'
'Well nice to meet ya, well I gotta go, but I hope we can see each other again'
'Yeah me too'

With that he ran off faster then the wind.


It was a cold day in the big city and everyone was getting ready for Christmas.
You really didn't like Christmas, but you love spending time with your family. The truth is that you felt alone.

You took a short cut to your house, but you didn't know that there was danger aro...

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