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©Sparks Will Fly (completed)

©Sparks Will Fly (completed)

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Tori Kaer By VictoriaKaer Updated Sep 03, 2013

She can turn the world off ... He can turn it back on ... When they're together... Sparks will fly.
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#449 IN ACTION 12/29/16
    ***Thanks to @icHooSeU for making the book jacket image on the epilogue***
    ~~~Thanks to @brookieismyname for making both the trailers for the book! Please watch the book trailer and the cast trailer they are awesome!~~~
    ---I've done an edit on the book, chapters replaced as of 3/21/16. Story is still basically the same I just cleared some stuff up and made it all sound better! (Update: I noticed I missed a bunch of spelling errors when I did the edit, I apologize everyone! However, I'm probably not going to go back and fix them, only because at some point I AM planning on publishing this. So it will be pulled and given a MAJOR edit and somewhat of a smallish rewrite.)

NarrySSaf NarrySSaf Feb 19, 2016
This is so amazing so far! And not being able to touch a phone would be horrible. :( :(
Out_Of_This_World00 Out_Of_This_World00 Oct 10, 2016
@VictoriaKaer Well you must have a good eye for mistakes cux honestly I didn't see any...I'd love to see you publish the book...I'll make sure to get it :)
-Huntress- -Huntress- Jul 11, 2016
I love the title. It's very unique. I like how it fits with the story. And the story seems interesting too. The main characters are practically opposites. I like that. I also love the name Trevor XD
KrystalJSmith KrystalJSmith Sep 21, 2016
I'm not sure what's going to happen but so far I like it. I doubt this would count to my chapters so I will move on to chapter 1 now.
- - Jan 31, 2016
Whoa, this plot is really good,  I would hate to be Chloe though, having to live without electronics, no, just no.
                              The one thing I found a bit funny is how they are introduced,
                              "Chloe..." & "Trevor..." It just seemed to break the flow of the story...I don't know how you could change it though, lol.
skipabbeat skipabbeat Jun 10, 2016
Wow this is such a great contradiction. The title makes so much sense now since they both balance each other. I can already see that they will be able to be themselves around each other and not fret over their abilities that cross out each other XD