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Merlin BBC X Reader - The Flower Maiden

Merlin BBC X Reader - The Flower Maiden

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Berjhawn Gideon By BerjhawnGideon Completed

An Arthur Pendragon X Reader Fanfic
    He always hated this time of year, it was a brutal reminder that ________ had left him. As he peered down at the lavender cloth he let out a mournful sigh. Dam Merlin for finding this painful reminder that she was in fact gone, his heart clenches as he remembers her beautiful smile and kind mannerisms. Arthur looks out his window at the woods beyond the castle gates and swallows a gulp of air as a memory comes into view, "Arthur, you should really get back to the castle; if your father knew you were putting your duties aside for me he would be very angry with you." Arthur smiles as he reaches forward and takes ______'s hands, "I am sure no one is looking for me, I had my man servant cover for me. You have my complete and undivided attention." She smiles as she pulls away from him and walking forward picks some wild flowers for Morgana's room.
  Arthur watches as she moves back and forth gently reaching down and cutting the flower stems as to not injure the rest of the plant. He smiles as he walks over and leaning down says, "Let me help you." She smiles shyly as she reaches forward and taking his hands says, "Arthur Pendragon if there is one thing your aren't it's a gardener, please let me down this on my own." Arthur pouts as he says, "Teach me," Her (E/C) eyes find his blue orbs as she says, "I'm afraid I cannot teach you, it is a gift only my family has been able to attain." "At least let me try," She looks away a pained expression filling her beautiful face, "I'm sorry Arthur, but I cannot." Arthur reaches up and gently pulling her face to his looks deep into her (E/C) eyes as he says, "_______, what is wrong?"

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