Transformers Quotes!

Transformers Quotes!

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On my other account I have a book of quotes. But now, on this account, I have a TRANSFORMERS book of quotes!

...yes. I'm addicted. I know.

This book will have quotes from any Transformers universes I have watched. (And any I find on the internet...)

I just noticed a lot of them are Ratchet and Bumblebee. You have been warned.

Also, this book will be randomly updated when I feel like it. 

And don't you just love the cover? XD

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Oreochicqueen Oreochicqueen Nov 07, 2017
Rule number 1: NEVER break Rachet's stuff. Or possibly never break ANYTHING it can 90% be Rachet's stuff
xxheyitslin xxheyitslin Aug 09, 2017
That sounds like me when my half-brother breaks something
                              No literally-
                              "I neEDED THAAAT!"
Marshall_Lee34 Marshall_Lee34 Sep 09, 2017
Ratchet: "I n-"
                              Optimus: "What do you NEED now?"
                              Ratchet: "…………"
Lunarwisp Lunarwisp Sep 04, 2017
Of course. Can't have a transformers quote book without this one 😂😂😂
sakin2003 sakin2003 Apr 14
You forget this,
                              Me: *pick up the wrench and throw it to computer*
                              Ratchet: ep ep ep!! I needed that!!
                              Me: ......
                              That's perfect😂😂
sideswipe12 sideswipe12 Aug 18, 2016
and I mean it
                              and frag off of blaid runner bitch and tell I said it I wana see what OLDY can do DID I SAY HE WAS OLD HES OLDER THEN MY GRAND PA OLDY MCOLD