the music type (( ohshc x boy ))

the music type (( ohshc x boy ))

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Summer. is. Ending. ☹🔫 By Kittua_Zoldyck Updated Jun 15

yukio len has one hell of a life
his family is one of the riches families alive but they don't like the attention 
one day his mom got in a accident which led to his dad ignoring him 
with the free time 
yukio plays the guitar and drew landscapes 
yukio use to be in a band but his dad made him drop out
now yukios dad only cares about money so he sends yukio off to ouran

-on hold for now


p.s I may add lemons 

disclaimer: I don't own ohshc i only own my plot and my characters also there may be some cuss words but not alot thank you and enjoy

ai43405 ai43405 Aug 01
I'm proud of u ma boi👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
I honestly wake up like someone just breathed again after dying and coming back to life. I'm too busy trying to turn the alarm off to yell at it
lol I like how it says angelic when the song is called demons XD
Everytime I read an ohshc fanfiction, the butler's name is always Sebastian 😥
Vimiella Vimiella May 08
He-he spoke....IT'S A MIRACLE!!! 
                              MOM!!!!! BRING THE CAMERA !!! NOOOOW!!!!
Vimiella Vimiella May 08
You know what they say... Curiousity killed the cat.
                              It fits here puuurfectly! ...