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Not only am I badass. I'm also a Gilbert. -A Damon Salvatore Love Story-

Not only am I badass. I'm also a Gilbert. -A Damon Salvatore Love Story-

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Red By fngbngr24 Completed

Adrian is like any other teenager growing into an adult, reckless. She has just returned to Mystic Falls to rekindle her relationships with her family after a tragic accident. Her parents died. Whens he returns she meets a handsome man, you is like her, reckless, and... cocky. But she soon finds out its not her family that's making her through the loss of her parents and the hole in her chest.

AsunaN3 AsunaN3 Jun 23, 2016
I love Care but she needs to stay away from Stefan I still have hope for elena and Stefan lol.
luckyone18 luckyone18 Feb 15, 2016
I haven't seen the show but in the books I think it's cuz they focus on bad things she says but I think we probably all have a friend who is sometimes like that and I think her spirit is something people need when they're sad if she says the right things
fngbngr24 fngbngr24 Jan 10, 2016
People do realize in the books they can turn into animals right?
Lexieloves1D12345 Lexieloves1D12345 Nov 05, 2015
She is way too happy but I love her like everyone needs some happiness sprinkled around right
hoesome hoesome Sep 20, 2015
TF??? I thought he just compelled the crow to do what he wants or something... Ignore me I'm probably just stupid...