Whip Me Sir (Kellic)

Whip Me Sir (Kellic)

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A.R.M.Y By paleserendipity Completed

Kellin was given away his parents after he came out as gay to be Mr Mullins new butler. They believed he disowned the family and persuaded a rich family to take him as a servant. Vic Fuentes, a close friend to the man who bought Kellin takes a liking to the quiet boy and offers to take him off their hands to be his sub.

However, not all goes to plan when Kellin develops feelings for Mr Fuentes, breaking an important rule between the pair. Kellin is soon given away to a man who doesn't plan to be nice or give him back.

*Yes there is kinky smut but it isn't a basic BDSM story - there's a lot of drama too*

Irrelevantrelevancy Irrelevantrelevancy Apr 10, 2016
Is it terrible that I'm babysitting a toddler(who is currently asleep)while reading this?
hey-its-shae hey-its-shae Oct 05, 2016
oh. straight to the frickle fracklings? okay. alright. let me just... *curls up in ball of blankets* ready!
itsme_vic__jk itsme_vic__jk Jul 28, 2016
Yasss corey is bae and slipknot is bae in general😂😂😂😂
PhandomsGonnaFindYa PhandomsGonnaFindYa Sep 04, 2016
Idk why but I hate the word goose-pimples XD like I literally shudder and cringe whenever I read that word
TheRealTonyPerry TheRealTonyPerry Oct 03, 2016
I got whiplash from sitting g up to quickly when I read his name.
ternsreact57 ternsreact57 Nov 30, 2015
Hey can u check out my story and help me get reads ur story is amazing