Every King Needs a Queen

Every King Needs a Queen

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Lavonte "King" Jones wasn't your average nigga. He owned the streets, and he was one of the head drugs dealers in the city of New Orleans. He's been ruling the streets since he was fifteen. He has the cars, clothes, money, and he has all the hoes on his dick, but shit he ain't never been worried 'bout falling in love with any female. Well that was until he laid his eyes on "her". That's when he makes it a mission to make her his queen, because after all every king needs a queen, right?

* * *

JaKiya wasn't your average teenage girl. She was a senior in high school, and she couldn't give a fuck about love. Unlike the other girls her age, that was the least of her worries. All she wanted to do was party and chill. Falling in love was never in her plans, until she started falling for "him". Now her life seems different. Being in a relationship with the head thug is not the easiest thing. But I mean, every queen needs a king, right?

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Uh nah she not wrong I hate when people bump into me and don't say anything it's rude
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ajhanai ajhanai Jun 13
sameee i be tryn watch my mouth around her but i be getting reckless at times and be getting smart but she can't even be mad cuz i get it from her !
sayy_ahhhh sayy_ahhhh Jul 07
 #rr I read this book a bop ago and i loved it but i liked the old character better
ajhanai ajhanai Jun 13
so he just stood there as if the bullets was gon curve around his body ? 😐💀
He could've just a calm and laid back ass dude...Not everybody gotta be "Wassup ma"
                              But ig a simple "Hey" won't do it