The Vampire's Human Mate (GxG)

The Vampire's Human Mate (GxG)

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I pulled the door to the shop open and stopped for a moment to let an old woman out before walking in. 

It smelled amazing in this place, like a warm fresh baked donut and coffee. 

It wasn't blood, but it would help with the heat outside, for sure. 

I looked around all the people in the place before walking over to the line. 

I stood for about 5 minutes before my turn came. 

I looked up at the menu, digging in my pocket for my money. 

"What can I get you?"

The honey sweet voice of the cashier in front of me said. Her voice was so lovely and I felt like I could listen to it all day. 

"Can I get a, um.." 

I looked down from the menu to see her face and it felt like my non-beating heart stopped, again. 


"A d-date with you?"

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