Can I Trust You? (Dipper x Reader)

Can I Trust You? (Dipper x Reader)

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♔Izayas Crybaby♔ By Captain_Mischief Updated Dec 03, 2016

Welcome to the sleepy town of Gravity falls,Oregon where nothing  mysterious happens, or though you thought. You come upon a shack called " The Mystery Shack." Where you meet mabel and dipper. Over the past month or so you get to know the twins and go on adventures. "Trust no one." Dipper says. 

Those words kept crawling in your head, because you started having feelings. If he says trust no one then how can she tell dipper about what she has for him. What if he doesn't like me the same way? What if he's shocked by what I said. What if I can't trust him?

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When you get a Snapchat notification that Chocolate Drop added you.. Um..
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*pushes sports away* nope. Books. Art. That's it 
                              Sports are inhuman for me
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The Maze Runner 4 life (I'm reading the maze runner the fever code at the moment)
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The fanfiction reading and this personality... it's literally me!!! All of its right! This fanfic was made for meh!
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Maze runner, Percy Jackson, the Kane chronicles, dork diaries, Warriors, I think that's all my favs? Yes I think so
Nope think u got me spot on 
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