Traitorious Uchiha and the Kitsune Vessel

Traitorious Uchiha and the Kitsune Vessel

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Naruto's POV

I can't stand it anymore. All the hate towards me. All the neglect. Being blamed for things I didn't do. Being called things I'm not. The names I could handle. After all, I've done so my entire life. But this? I can't handle this like I can handle the names. This was too much. All I want right now is for the pain to stop. For them to leave. The room was too dark for me to see who they were. They didn't speak, so I couldn't find out who they were by their voice. Tears streamed down my eyes as the pain grew. Was I really hated enough for someone to do this to me? I felt something fill me before the source of my pain had retreated. The one that was forced into my mouth had also left. I laid on the bed. Bruised and broken.

The sound of clothing rustling met my ears before the dark figures that had done such things to me had disappeared out my open window. I buried my face into the soft pillow, weeping harder like a pathetic weakling. I didn't care what I looked like right no...

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shxt im really angry even if it’s only a fanfiction i can’t control the fact that i want all of his rapists dead
I know thats what my mind wanders too to because i really don't want kakashi doing  that it be really sad 😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😫😫😫😫
god, i was so scared when i read the « kakashi just smiled under his mask », i thought he was one of them but then... 😭😂😂😂😂😂😂
El_Asakura El_Asakura Feb 25
How old is naru in that scene , and was he raped or what happened ?
how did u managed to do it? i really need your tips for when i’m on my period
sangriax sangriax Feb 15
*scratches Ching before looking at the tags* ok just making sure this is still an itanaru😂