set me free |-/ tyler joseph

set me free |-/ tyler joseph

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macy🌯 By macywho Updated Jul 20, 2016

May; has an irritating mother, 3 jobs, financially unstable and no love of her life. 

Tyler; has dark thoughts, a fantastic best friend, writes his demons as songs and no love of his life. 

What do May and Tyler have in common?


Every single day, May's mother phones her and asks her about her love life. And every day, May says the same thing: that she's not looking for a man.
She's really fine on her own, but it's hard living alone sometimes. Her conversations between her and herself aren't that captivating anymore, and who doesn't love a nice, late night phone call from your partner?
Well, somehow, Tyler and his best friend, Josh, walk into the same Starbucks that May works at as a side job. She's also a newly published author, and she's trying to get into the music industry, but Starbucks hasn't failed her. 
Anyways, she decides to take a chance on Tyler, and just to show her mom that she has to luck with men, she writes her number on Tyler's coffee cup. 
But, luck is on May's side and Tyler decides to call her up. 
Will a new romance sprout? Will Tyler be happy? Will Josh get Taco Bell? And will May show her mom that she is in fact not a lesbian or sexually frustrated?

Find out in this twenty one pilots fan fiction!

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twotiNE twotiNE Aug 29, 2017
i saw the title of this story and i immediately started singing send them off! by bastille
roseeprintss roseeprintss Oct 03, 2016
i have a move with my keyboard i call the "piano wack" you just hit them in the face, simple
implicitgoner implicitgoner Aug 30, 2016
literally my mom but she doesn't know my dad taught me to defend myself in like ten minutes lmao
SupernaturalXDBands SupernaturalXDBands Feb 06, 2017
about time there's a book that has an independent women as the main character.  Not every person needs,  or wants,  to have children or marriage!
Spooder_boi Spooder_boi Sep 27, 2016
I love this story ❤️❤️  I was kinda wondering if you could read my story it's called My Saviour RHANKS |-/
royalgloomboys royalgloomboys Sep 20, 2016
Mate my room is basically a studio I have like 17 instruments in here and I have a not of metal stands I think I can handle this.