♥ Experiment ♥  (Bill Cipher x Neko! Reader)

♥ Experiment ♥ (Bill Cipher x Neko! Reader)

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Steven is too cute By pop_tart_king Updated Jun 24, 2016

(y/n) can't remember as to what exactly happened to her. Only is that she's an experiment to a successful billionaire.

Her Master, enjoys seeing the other Nekos being experimented but for some reason, he's grown fond of (y/n).

A decision is made between her new Master and Dipper that they will study her as she lives with her Master.

The study was simply to find out as to how the Nekos gained their powers and abilities, along with their way to find trouble...in the supernatural.

But (Y/n)'s new Master had already grown fond of her, he enjoys teasing her, spanking her, yet he never thought of falling for another supernatural being like him.


Contains once again dozes of lemon, a bit slavery, training, strong language, and other things.

- - Feb 29, 2016
I got no master! I can't control me! 
                              I guess you can...