♥ Experiment ♥  (Bill Cipher x Neko! Reader)

♥ Experiment ♥ (Bill Cipher x Neko! Reader)

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❤Prince Sidon❤ By pop_tart_king Updated Mar 07, 2017

Was running away a good idea? Probably not. But at the moment nothing in particular matters. Holding the small bundle in your arms you ran and ran, tears in your eyes as your legs took you to wherever they could. The lack of food and lack of sleep you knew you couldn't run forever. Especially when he knew all. Running away was either a blessing or a curse, depending on how you see it, it was either.

The bundle in your arms started crying up and screaming from the ridiculous chilling weather. You attempt to hush down the tiny being in hopes he wouldn't hear it. "P-please shh... m-mommy's trying to hide from d-daddy... i-it isn't safe to cry baby. P-please don't cry." Now you were starting to cry, not because of hunger or pain but because of fear.

You were afraid...deathly afraid of him.

Afraid of Bill Cipher.

Contains once again dozes of lemon, a bit of slavery, training, strong language, and other things.

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AkiTomatos AkiTomatos Jan 28, 2017
neko is Japaneses for cat so it would be a neko girl I think.
- - Feb 29, 2016
I got no master! I can't control me! 
                              I guess you can...