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~Homestuck x Reader one-shots~

~Homestuck x Reader one-shots~

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The Buttstuck By tiredsiren Updated Jun 10

- dont comment the same thing multiple times, ill read it eventually 
- request on the request chapter
- respect that im just human and cant pump out fics whenever it suits you
- dont be a tightass about my author notes u3o
- never underestimate my rage, i can and will write a chapter calling you out for grammar and spelling 
- i will probs flirt with you and call you bby. this is normal. [squints]
As the title is, this is just a bunch of Homestuck x Reader One-shots!
I may do requests if I run out of ideas later, but until then just sit back and read.
This is a Homestuck fanfic book. There's going to be some swearing.
I'll put up a warning if theirs any lemons/smut/whatever you weirdos wanna call it for all you lemonophobes.
(Y/N) (L/N) is Your first name and last name,
(H/L) (H/C) is length and colour of your hair,
(F/C) is your favourite colour, (F/F) is favourite food,
(Y/H) is your house/hive, (Y/H/A) is your house/hive address,
And I'm sure you'll figure the rest out, (Y/N). You're smart enough right?

GrimandReaper GrimandReaper 5 days ago
Lel =w= I only feel that way about a few character the others can of f off with someone else
At my fake wedding
                              Priest(Lily): Blah blah blah, a bunch of shït I don't understand, fûck 'em right in the pu$$y, do you take these peeps to be your husband/wife
                              Me/Wife/husband: FÛCK YEAH!
GrimandReaper GrimandReaper 5 days ago
=^= but if anyone trys to steal gamgam from me
FandomObession FandomObession Dec 24, 2016
Pfft that's one way to start up a story. Take on overly used meme and HS trash it
AmbitiousSiren AmbitiousSiren Oct 25, 2016
I am desperately holding back my laughter at that, because it's five AM and I'm the only one awake
AukelePerreira3033 AukelePerreira3033 Aug 25, 2016
HA The picture and the intro just killed me. Congrats you made my day