The Past That Haunts - Wardman Chronicles: Book 1  (TAKEN DOWN)

The Past That Haunts - Wardman Chronicles: Book 1 (TAKEN DOWN)

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Some creatures can't resist.....

Lilith Wardman has had a rough start. At the age of 6, her parents passed away in a tragic auto accident. She was taken in by her grandparents and eventually got back on her feet despite the overwhelming hole in her heart. Anger and sorrow transformed Lilith into a recluse, pushing away friends and loved ones. Leaving what little family she had left, Lilith began her new life in Downtown Manhattan.
Her world is about to turn upside down in a modern game of cat and mouse.
For years, unknown friends and enemies have been watching Lilith. Some as means of protection. Others however, are waiting for the right opportunity to strike. Bound by a single promise and with time dwindling fast, her discreet guardians concoct a plan of their own to save her. 
Love, betrayal and secrets await Lilith. Will she gather the skills she needs for survival? Or will the past come back to bite her?

**'Best Plot' winner of the 2017 ABBA's! (Annual Bad Boy Awards)**
**Winner in the 2016 Brigade Awards**

Cover by @AuthorJenniferPorter
Photographer: Christian Holzinger