Fallen ~Sequel to Fell For Him~ (NaLu)

Fallen ~Sequel to Fell For Him~ (NaLu)

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Mini_Chibi_Penguin By Mini_Chibi_Penguin Updated Jul 27, 2016

Three months have passed -

Three eerie months have passed since our last meeting with one of the strongest vampire hunters: Mavis Vermillion.

My friends and I have been living along with our formal enemies, the ones we were trained to kill, vampires - Pureblood Vampires. 

I know I broke one of the most important rules of being a Vampire Hunter - that rule being to never, ever, fall in love with the predators of the night. But here I am.

Here we all are, learning new things everyday to confront the anticipated war between mankind. We knew just as well how ridiculous it was to do this but, the handful of people that knew about these immortals had such a foul instinct of getting rid of them - not to mention brutally. 

And here I am though, three months later living with them, preparing to fight alongside them.

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hhahahahahhaa this is great little penguin chibi :)
LeveledUpLove LeveledUpLove Nov 15, 2016
Am I a bad person for laughing at this? 
                              *cough* yes *cough*
MyBlackBleedingHeart MyBlackBleedingHeart Sep 16, 2015
I'm don't mean to be rude but PLZ PLZ PLZ UPDATE!!! I just love this story so much!!!