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A Girl Like Me

A Girl Like Me

114K Reads 3K Votes 23 Part Story
Oreolover75 By Oreolover75 Completed

Bianca Evans doesn't fit the stereotypical teenage girl image. She's one of the guys, always has been and always will be. She could beat a guy at any video game- although call of duty is her best, and she could eat as much as any teenage boy. That's always been her charm though. When Bianca has to up sticks and move to California, starting at the exclusive Grove High isn't as easy as she had first thought. The girls are rich and snobby, and the guys are worse. Being arrogant and cocky is second nature to them.    Along comes Ethan. He's the star football player at Grove High and has a string of girls who are madly in love with him. Not to mention his troop of good-looking friends. Bianca grows to like Ethan, but can she really act on it with all the rumours that are flying around about him? Ethan is certainly interested in her, but according to the girls, he's the biggest player at Grove High- how's that relationship gonna work?! And when a certain bad boy named Cole Ryan comes onto the scene, things get very complicated. It doesn't help that Ethan and Cole are sworn enemies...  Cover by @boundariess

KawaiiKitty2610 KawaiiKitty2610 May 03, 2016
I love books that have girls equal to boys 
                              Cuz I'm a HUGE tomboy
11Kiki28KL 11Kiki28KL Nov 12, 2016
One of the reasons y I want to read this book, I am a girl, and I am 'one of the boys' too. I also want to be Bianca's bff cause I'm actually just like her😂I also wanna c how this story ends up and all. Oh, and nice summary btw. I am sure I'm gonna luv this story. Heads up, I'm a crazy person ppl
CrystalNotes CrystalNotes Aug 02, 2016
Sorry dadda Evans I didn't know frickin was a swear word😨😩😰
11Kiki28KL 11Kiki28KL Nov 12, 2016
Omi g this story really is just like my life😂😂😂(for the most part atleast) snobby ppl make me wanna puke too*insert gagging noise or whatever here* 😏😆😄😂❤️
christinaxwhite christinaxwhite Jul 29, 2015
tf dad. this is just like my dad. when he says that I'm just like oops. excuse my French would ya?
kln_lnly kln_lnly Jul 03, 2015
that's a first. Usually the girl either cringes, snorts, or hides. A normal reaction wow am I dead