Unfaithful to you

Unfaithful to you

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Socialrecluse By Socialrecluse Completed

What happened to us? We used to have so much of fun? There was a time when we loved each other so much. 
But now, you're so busy that you barely even notice me. You don't call me beautiful anymore nor do you hug me or kiss me. 

Then he came...

Why am I looking at him and wishing that he was you?

AnAim001 AnAim001 May 09
Dude i know she gonna start nagging .Dint yell please *fingers crossed*
Lol what does that mean and in what language? ITS SO CUTE HOW HES BLUSHING.
Allyyyy458 Allyyyy458 Aug 06
There's nothing wrong with him being 5 years younger however he seems kinda creepy O.o
atirma atirma Jun 19
Oh no, but she was being honest...god, I wish she would be forgiven.
If you keep working your ass off might as well consider it 😏😏
Seriously. Someone hold me back. I have a feeling that I'm going to be the cause of this dude's death.