Unfaithful to you

Unfaithful to you

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What happened to us? We used to have so much of fun? There was a time when we loved each other so much. 
But now, you're so busy that you barely even notice me. You don't call me beautiful anymore nor do you hug me or kiss me. 

Then he came...

Why am I looking at him and wishing that he was you?

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  • marriage
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Naf001 Naf001 Jun 30
What's the point of telling him. 
                              That was a stupid thing to do. 😲😕
She did wrong and it ate he up and some men can keep on doing that wrong and more to your wife's and feel nothing.
Naf001 Naf001 Jun 30
Omg rummana, i thought you were married. How do you just let him kiss your hand. 😝
shahla1238 shahla1238 Nov 15
For some reason I really liked talha in please find me even if it was just in one chapter where he comes BT now idk....y did he do that....I'm disappointed...: (
slaveofallah_57 slaveofallah_57 Jul 05, 2016
Lol what does that mean and in what language? ITS SO CUTE HOW HES BLUSHING.
He doesnt know shes married guys its her fault if she doesnt tell him.