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The Visit By UniversalPictures Updated Sep 09, 2015

Clara’s summer plans of getting her driver’s license and lounging by the pool are instantly shattered when her mother and father are offered the opportunity to study a rare butterfly in the Amazon Rainforest. 

When Clara and her younger brother Liam are unceremoniously dropped off at their grandparent’s technology-free farmhouse in the middle of nowhere, things quickly go from bad to worse. 

In addition to coming down with a terrible case of the flu, Clara begins to hear strange unexplained sounds at night, she is locked into her bedroom every night, and her brother is given strict rules about where he can explore on his grandparent’s expansive property. 

Clara’s concern turns to pure terror when she and Liam find their grandfather reading the morning paper at the dining room table, covered in blood with a long kitchen knife in one hand. 

Petrified, Clara and Liam burst past their grandfather and race into the forbidden woods surrounding the farmhouse. 

Are things as they appear? Is their grandfather a murderer? Will Clara and Liam find their way to safety?

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YoutubeAddictionssss YoutubeAddictionssss Apr 10, 2016
I wanna watch this movie but my mom&dad say I might not wanna go to my grandparents place and sped the night there anymore.
YoutubeAddictionssss YoutubeAddictionssss Apr 10, 2016
NO WI-FI FOR A MONTH?! Eh, I can still read WattPad.  Better get a lot of books on this puppy!
Joanna_thatdudette Joanna_thatdudette Nov 18, 2016
Hmm, I remember when I was little I got my foot stuck inbetween a city bus doors. And I thought it was gonna drive away with my own leg ;-; shudders..lel
-ideas -ideas Jun 18, 2016
Me when I'm stuck watching my almost-five-year-old little brother.
Antashia_Love Antashia_Love Jun 17, 2016
when u said predator i thought you meant a perv or somthing like that lol
-ideas -ideas Dec 19, 2015
Yeah, 'Special errand' "Plus it's getting late, and I need to go buy some weed and poiso- I mean run some errands, in the morning."