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Sorry Not You

Sorry Not You

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D_D By dacchi_dayu Updated Sep 16, 2016

5 years before...

In class 2A, "hey Chi cheng give me back my ball !!!" shout Wu Suowei with anger

" No, i don't want..your belonging is my belonging and my belongings have nothing to do with you" said Chi Cheng while laughing

Wu Suowei walked to Chi cheng with anger and said " I SAID GIVE ME BACK MY BALL !! " while his mouth shouting those words his both hand trying hard to reach the ball that was purposely lifted higher on the air with Chi cheng long arm. Chi cheng mockingly said "Try to take it yourself, if you can touch even a slightness of the ball i will give up and give the ball to you". Due to Wu Suowei height that was shorter than Chi cheng it makes Wu Suowei couldn't reach for the ball.

After a few minutes, Wu Suowei stop trying and stand up straight without moving even for an inch in front of Chi cheng and start to cry. Chi cheng feels weird when Wu Suowei stop trying and look at him. At that time Chi cheng can see Wu Suowei tears falling from his big eyes.

Chi cheng fe...

jimina_k33 jimina_k33 Jul 07, 2016
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akaichi801 akaichi801 Dec 13, 2015
this story is really interesting. you just have to be careful with your grammar.
akaichi801 akaichi801 Dec 13, 2015
Azn92elmira Azn92elmira Oct 26, 2015
Hello. I like this couple!!!  I wait  new chapter and  I want know what happen
ShaoYeloveBL ShaoYeloveBL Sep 08, 2015
Dear, I think u mistake the his to her already..Chi Cheng is guy right? So supposed is "CC usually more popular than Wu Souwei among girls because of his look...."
Scotty0007Igot7 Scotty0007Igot7 Sep 01, 2015
I am long to read the novel and I will happily read your story.