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His Shattered Soul✔

His Shattered Soul✔

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Mia Novak By _LilDark Completed

HR#10 in Spiritual- 26/4/2K16
        HR#8 in Spiritual- 11/6/2K16
         First few chapters are gibberish but it gets better after that!
        "Yarah's Story"
        ❝I thought there was no path of forgiveness for what I did. Not from God not from anyone else. I wanted to die but the light feeling in my heart that I felt after years was telling me that whatever I was doing was right, I now knew what I wanted but still I had no one to share my feelings, no one to cry in front of, no one to console me, no one.❞ -Demetri Salvatore.
        Demetri Salvatore has everything planned out. He had everything and could get anything with the snap of his fingers. He was used to getting things done by his way not caring if it caused harm to someone else, after all he was the CEO of Salvatore Inc. But there's one thing that he couldn't get rid of and no money could help him; guilt. His past had been haunting him for years no matter what he did to move on. When he finally starts thinking that he got rid of anxiety and guilt; that particular woman made him realize that he will always be a pathetic human being who made unforgiveable mistakes in life.

        Yarah jasmine is a twenty one years old bubbly girl who is on her way to put her accountancy degree to work. She stumbled her way through Salvatore Inc. but the last thing she thought was to turn her boss' life upside down for just being a Muslim.

        Hearts will break, darkness will fade, faith in God will bloom, but can sparks of love fly between both people who are to busy to pick up the pieces of His shattered soul?  

        This is an Islamic story with pinch of romance and a little drama here and there. Read to follow Yarah and Demetri on their path towards love and Islam.

I haven't started yet but I know somehow it's going to be wonderful. And look at you so modest😘😘
yourgirlN yourgirlN Apr 02
Sorry am one of your followers but i cant see the last two chapters and the epilogue
Me: I am way too lazy to raise my glass for toast😌
                              Author:*smack my head upside down* bitch you better raise your glass because no one say no to Leonardo😬
                              Me: *gulping loudly in fear* let me just me grab my Coke can because I can't afford high maintenance champagne glass😦😂😂😅😅
Your works are awesome
                              This is the third book of yours which I stumpled upon....n I'm glad to find it😄
deviloftasmania deviloftasmania Oct 21, 2016
This has to be the best introduction of all the books I have read❤️❤️❤️
alf0795 alf0795 Dec 31, 2016
Never read such entertaining introduction.... Amazing work!!!