The Fay | Riren

The Fay | Riren

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Attiyyah By Shingeki_no_attiyyah Completed

"...what are you?"

"Something God created himself, brat."

Eren Yeager and his mother move deep into the countryside due to family business and commotion. Eren had a happy and healthy childhood. Too peaceful in fact. Now at the age of fifteen, he ventures into the vast forest beyond his back yard, and finds the Gate. The boundaries between an ancient world, that's invisible to human eyes.

Something soon began to follow Eren wherever he went. 

A being. Something that didn't even have a name to what it was.

Determined, Eren knows that his 'ghost' belonged behind the Gate, so he chooses to go looking for what the presence is. 

But little does Eren know that crossing the Gate comes with a powerful price to pay.


Mature themes/bad language/sex.

A faery/demon AU.

[Characters belong to Hajime Isayama. The plot is my own.]

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